About Us

The first time I saw an Australian Terrier was when I was three (in 1966). A puppy
farm in Tottarp in the south of Sweden had imported an entire litter from Denmark.
My parents bought a feisty little puppy bitch we named Terrie.
Terrie was the beginning of a lifelong fascination with the Australian Terrier. She
was a true joy for the family for 16 years!  
She never needed a Veterinarian until she had to leave forever. Since Terrie there
have always been one or two Aussies in my parent`s home
In 1996 and '97 I travelled in Southeast Asia and the Australia. I bought two Aussies
in Australia and brought them back home with me their names were
SuchSv89 Taralee Small Potato and SuchIntch Landrow Pegasus
Their first litter was born in 1991 and as they say "the rest is history".
The kennel name "Cooktown"comes from a small town in northeast Queensland.
Because of bad roads (tracks) and abusted fuel pump I never did get to Cooktown
so I brought the name home with me.

Family dogs in my parent's home:



 Wintertorpets Joakim

 Reni`s Seppel

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